Stephen Whittle Etchings

Stephen whittle on his etching

Stephen whittle004

“The primary inspiration for my work is the countryside in its many forms. Sketches, photographs and observations combine with the inner idea to form the seed of each composition, which goes through many stages of execution before the finished proof emerges.

I seek to develop an intimacy between the image and the viewer using several techniques. I often use a path or stream to take the viewer’s attention into the picture. I use several grades of line—thick in the foreground to finer in the background—to give depth.

I also use what could be termed “keyhole” type of design. That is, a design which looks through the foreground to an enclosed and illuminated background. This beckons the view toward the light, hinting that there is more beyond the limits of the picture and urging the viewer to step in toward it.

But why etch Why use what has been described as ‘the most complicated and lengthy process of putting a black mark on a white paper’ The quality of the etched image is unique. Perhaps it is the combination of fineness of detail with richness of color, the subtleties of color and tone which are almost impossible to capture through any other medium. There is also the discipline of a technique that demands such thoroughness of planning that no major corrections need to be made. But above all, it is the desire to multiply; to let the joy which is captured in the single work enlighten many hearts.”